We are a small family owed business that has brought a new way to keeping grass (both residential and commercial) a healthy and beautiful green colour year round on the Sunshine Coast.

"The Fertiliser that goes on Green"

We use a premium liquid coloured fertiliser made with an organically derived plant based pigment to instantly restore the green colour to your lawn while also adding nutrients and improving overall health year round.


Regular treatments improve grass health as well and drastically reduces the amount of watering needed (up on 50%)​

Our services are recommended to be used every 2-3 months for best results (green healthier grass that requires less watering) but can also be used simply for the instant cosmetic effect of a one off treatment (instant curb appeal)


Other Benefits

After one treatment,

watering your lawn is reduced by 50%

The green pigment protects your grass from the sun's harmful rays

​Repeated treatments every 2-3 months maintains a green lawn year round


"Having your lawn look its best is our guarantee. 

Amazing results is our promise."