Green Grass
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6 Week Nutrition Program 

Sunshine Coast Lawn Service

 Instantly green up your grass with our premium 

liquid and granular fertiliser mix. 

Health Check

On our arrival on your property, a health check is carried out to 

determine the right treatment for your lawn.

Liquid Fertiliser Traetments

Our winter/ summer liquid fertilisers deliver instant health and color back into the leaf blades of your lawn. The balance of iron and potassium feeds your lawn the perfect balance of nutrients to grow healthy, stronger, and greener. 

Granular Treatments

We alternate between specific liquid and granular fertilisers to maximise colour and overall health of lawn. Results are INSTANT and CONSISTENT.


Prevention against weeds and pest are recommened and then applied during our 6 week visits. This allows us to keep on top of your lawn, and maintain its over all health.

Green is instant, colour is consistent.