Lawn Maintenance Made Easy

Our mission is to use innovative products to keep grass healthier and green year round while reducing watering needs.

Although traditional fertilising with granular seeding is an excellent way to maintain a healthy lawn, modern technology combines natural organic materials with premium liquid fertilisers to help us keep our lawns green and healthy.


The result is a premium coloured liquid fertiliser, that delivers the same benefits while dramatically reducing water needs. The product delivers the right blend of nutrients, along with a natural plant based pigment to give back it's natural green colour.

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Residential lawn treatment

Upon our arrival, your grass is cleaned from any debris and prepared for our lawn treatment.

Shortly after the application your lawn will absorb and lock in the coloured fertiliser. The end result is a natural green colour throughout the canvas of your lawn.

Lawn services for commercial venues

​Using our product will dramatically help green up any venue, having it look it's best.

Upon application, watering requirements are significantly reduced and grass is protected from harmful UV rays/burning.

Our boom spray application is ideal for large areas, while our retractable hose gets every nook and cranny.

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