Green Grass
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6 Week Nutrition Program Plus+

Sunshine Coast Lawn Service

We knock out Lawn grubs and weeds while keeping your grass healthy and green.

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Health Check

On our arrival on your property, a health check is carried out to 

determine the right treatment for your lawn.

Kick Off

We kick off  your 6 week nutrition program with an instant green up, using our coloured liquid fertiliser.


Two weeks later we start the  6- weekly nutrition program customized for season and lawn needs. 

We alternate between specific liquid and granular fertilisers to maximise colour and overall health of lawn. Results are INSTANT and CONSISTENT.

Prevention ( lawn grubs )

Prevention against lawn grubs (Acelepryn) and weeds (Barricade) is applied with treatments twice a year around August and February. 


Additional issues can also be addressed on an as needed basis and may occur additional call out fee.

Green is instant, colour is consistent.